Can Vending Machines Make Healthier Babies?

Countless remote Indian villages lack both health care workers and medicines, says Chatterji. On a trip to the state of Andhra Pradesh in 2011, Chatterji was shocked by the sorry state of the community centers for women’s health built by the government in the 1970s. Chatterji saw an opportunity: With funding from RLabs, a South African nonprofit, she launched a program to renovate some of the … …read more

Learning the smell of fear: Mothers teach babies their own fears via odor, animal study shows

Babies can learn what to fear in the first days of life just by smelling the odor of their distressed mothers’, new research suggests. And not just “natural” fears: If a mother experienced something before pregnancy that made her fear something specific, her baby will quickly learn to fear it too — through her odor when she feels fear. …read more

UAE mothers’ joy after delivering babies on first day of Eid

Kian Zimmerspitz breathes a contended sigh as he cuddles closer to his proud mother. Wrapped tightly in a blue blanket with a white cap perched on his head, the newborn seems unaware of the gruelling labour he put his mother through before he became the second baby to be born at Abu Dhabi’s Corniche Hospital on Eid Al Fitr. “He was hard work, but worth it,” said his mother, Luciana Zimmerspitz … …read more