Hundreds of babies possibly exposed to TB at Texas Hospital

(Reuters) – More than 700 newborns and 40 employees of a Texas hospital may have been exposed to a worker who had an active case of the sometimes-deadly tuberculosis, health officials said on Friday. The employee, working in a nursery at Providence Memorial Hospital in El Paso, interacted with patients for months before later being diagnosed with the disease, the El Paso Department of Public … …read more

Cuteness showdown! Check out these puppies and babies… in pumpkins

Get ready for babies versus puppies… PUMPKIN SPICE EDITION.A TODAY #100HappyDays post (find out more about that here) on Facebook inspired this glorious flood of photos of babies and dogs in pumpkins.It’s not really a competition. Because when you put babies and puppies in pumpkins and take cute pictures, everybody wins. Except perhaps the babies and the puppies. …read more

Viability of premature babies minimal at 22 weeks' gestation, Spanish study shows

A new study analyses the survival rates in Spain of newborns with a gestational age under 26 weeks. The results show that survival under 23 weeks is ‘exceptional’, although other factors such as birth weight and sex also have an influence. The data have been drawn from the national database that gathers information on all babies born weighing less than 1.5 kilos. …read more

International surrogacy traps babies in stateless limbo

By Emma Batha THE HAGUE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The lack of regulation around international commercial surrogacy has left many babies in stateless limbo, with no country granting them citizenship because of complex conflicts over who the legal parents are. Experts said the problem could affect thousands of babies as more and more couples seek surrogates in countries like India, Mexico and … …read more